Taking A Bite Out Of Life With Intuitive Eating and Fat & Fearless Living!


Samantha aka “Stiletto Siren” is a forever fat girl who knows how to live a healthy, happy, and fullfilled life at any size. She is the owner/creator of Plus Size Fashion Blog “Lips Hips & FATshion Tips” http://mylipstickonhercollar.com ,former “How To” editor for xoxo skorch magazine, and has been helping curvy girls dress their best through daily outfit post, heartfelt dialogue, any always optimistic attitude and advocacy for self love for over a year. Samantha practices Health At Every Size and intutitive eating,is a self proclamined fashionista, marketing and social media guru, soon to be sociologist,and step mother to 3. Fat and Fearless Life is here to act as a fat girls guide to bravery, self love, facing your fears and living your life to the fullest at any size. No room for “skinny fantasys” here-This is your life its time to live it NOW, not 10 pounds from now!


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